List: 5 Reasons Why Daily Mail is the Best News Source EVER

I don’t read the “big kid” news. But when I do, I count on only the finest: The Daily Mail. Though the British paper is far from being a beacon of truth shining bright in the sea of uncertainty that is “the media,” I simply can’t resist the way they bear the cross of political conservatism while simultaneously giving precedence to completely obscure and irrelevant American news items. Plus, I read the articles with a British accent.

After the cut, five reasons why The Mail is boss.

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Watch Out, Sean Harris… NC Has a New Ass Hole Pastor!

Last month I introduced my readers to one of North Carolina’s finest: Sean Harris, a pastor from Fayetteville, who asserted that parents should beat the gay out of the children.  Well the goon I’ve got for you this week will give Sean Harris a run for his money.

Hailing from Maiden, North Carolina, I give you Charles L Worley, pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church.  On the heels of the very disappointing passing of Amendment One here in the Tar Heel state, Worley went on a truly despicable rant in response to Barack Obama’s recent endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Prepare to be horrified after the break.

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Let’s Talk About Girls

HBO, the network solely responsible for perpetuating a massive worldwide misunderstanding of sex and New York City, is attempting to make restitution with Girls. The show follows Hannah (portrayed by creator and writer Lena Dunham) and her fresh-out-of-college cohorts as they take on Brooklyn, the borough decidedly overlooked in most New York-based TV dramas.

Find out why I take offense after the break.

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Alabama Politician to Plague New Zealand with his Sperm

Former Alabama gubernatorial candidate and Birmingham city councilman Bill Johnson believes in good clean family values.  So strong are his convictions that he is now asking his wife of eight years and her three adult children to journey to Kiwiland to be near the multitudes of unborn babies he fathered through internet sperm donation.  Wait, what?!

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How to Hunt Women

Women, not unlike birds, are wild and elusive creatures that can be tracked, identified, and — with the proper tactics and handling — captured.  At least that’s the premise of Field Guide to Chicks, a new book detailing 92 “species” of women as documented by bird female enthusiast Joe Bovino.  Prepare to be offended after the break.

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